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Analysis of possible causes.
Ways to solve the problems.
Further notes.

I forgot the password
Try default password first. If that wont do, please get the serial-number password from your distributor.

As if no PC Guarder card is plugged in
After rebooting, there are no installation menu appears, and the computer starts OS as usual.
For the case, the possible causes may be
The card is not properly plugged.
The power supply has poor loading capacity
CMOS is not properly configured.
The boot mode does not match BIOS. Please refer to Boot Mode section in the Advanced Guide chapter to change the Boot Mode by Press <Ctrl+B>
Plug the card again, or change a slot, or clean the slot/the card.
Retry it with another PC gaurder card, If the power supply does not work, contact your computer distributor or the manufacturer, and replace either the power supply or the computer itself.
For some AMI BIOS motherboard, set the CMOS parameter BIOS FEATURES SETUP as follows:
 Set First boot device to LAN. Or
 set Boot from LAN first to Enable.
 Certain motherboards or BIOS may also require
 Set PnP OS installed to Yes.
 update BIOS.
There is little possibility that the above causes concur combinedly. Improper CMOS configuration or Boot Mode not matching BIOS perhaps occurs with motherboards using AMI BIOS.

Displaying blue screen and Windows breaks down
After rebooting, pc display blue screen with error message.
The free space in hard disks is limited. There is no cache for the PC Guarder.
Anti-Virus software or System Performance Administration software has been installed.
Recover the hard disk data, or set it to Automatic Recovery.
Uninstall the PC Guarder, Anti-Virus software and System Performance Administration software.
Reinstall it after the system is Ok.

PC always requires to input SN password
PC guarder provides special anti-evil uninstallation and haker affection, if PC Guarder is not normally uninstalled, it will require to input Sn password before enter into OS
Only after inputting correct SN password which is provided from your distributors. You could enter into OS.
If you have no SN password on hand, please contact with your distributor in time for the solutions.

After installation of PC Guarder, the PC always reboot before Windows loading
PC Guarder provides three kinds of Boot mode, each kind could meet difference BIOS setting.
After reboot, Press <Ctrl+B> just after CMOS setting list while before OS loading, PC Gaurder Boot mode menu will appear.
Choose the second or third Boot mode to try.

When I set hotkey menu as hidden, how could I have it shown back when I want to check the Hotkey operation
After reboot, press <Ctrl+M> just after CMOS setting list while before OS loading, and reconfig PC Guarder to show Hotkeys menu.
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