PC Guarder : The Magical Data Recovery Card

Hard Disk Recovery Card / Data Recovery Card
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PC Guarder : Hard Disk data recovery card

The PC Guarder is a powerful instant data recover card system for your PC. It provides you with the ultimate protection for any form of corruption or unwanted modification, accidental or intentional damage to your hard drive, hacking, viruses, tampering, and most other kinds of accidents including formatting.

It easily fits into your PCI slot. Easy to Install and Instant Recovery of Data.

  Hard Disk Data Recovery Card  

1. Support DOS and Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT /2000 /XP / 2003, better for servers.
2. Support all sorts of Motherboards, covering latest Intel 865.
3. Support Intel P4 Hyper-Threading CPU.
4. Support all sorts of HD interfaces, covering latest SATA. Max 256GB.

This is a hardware-based PCI card that provides several levels of protection to an organization's infrastructure and easily integrates into your existing environment.

The unique innovation of this technology resides partially in an original algorithm that converts system data into a binary code and combined with an exclusive dynamic buffer system places the information in the optimum location on your hard drive.

The PC Guarder's main objective is to eliminate computer downtime. This PC Guarder hard disk data recovery card can withstand the most threatening form of viral strikes, spy wares, trojans, accidental formatting, unauthorized user attacks, etc.,

This powerful hard disk data recovery card protection will help you to resume business in seconds, not days. The PC Guarder is a must in every organization and will give you amazing return on investment (ROI) through dramatic reduction in TCO.

There may be some software's available in the market, but they cant do the wonder what the PC Guarder does. This hard disk data recovery card almost cost you the same as the software, but several times faster in data recovery.

Data recovery software's will take few minutes to finish the job whereas PC Guarder, the hard disk data recovery card will finish the job in just few seconds.

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