PC Guarder : The Magical Data Recovery Card

Hard Disk Recovery Card / Data Recovery Card
Data Recovery, Hard Disk Data Recovery Card, HDD Recovery Card, Data Recovery Card Solution

PC Guarder : Key benefits

  • Virtually eliminate business disruptions caused by computer problems.
  • Enhanced computer protection and stability
  • One use provides an instant return on investment.
  • Dramatic decreased operational (TCO) and maintenance costs.
  • Slashes technical support and service call requirements.
  • Instant recovery puts you back in business and focused on your priorities.
  • Quick turnkey solution with no learning curve
  • Tight and routine control on the configuration of the systems
  • Enforces policies

PC Guarder : Key features

  • Guards against accidental deletion or corruption of files, sudden power loss, hacking or tampering, operating system crashes, configurations changes, Windows registry crashes, power failure, Corrupted files, lost CMOS setup data, changing system settings, Trojans, worms and Cookies.
  • Built in driver for most operation system (Win NT, 2000,XP require a supplied driver)
  • A simple reboot of the system reverts to an operational state
  • Protects from formatting including f-disk
  • Plug-and-Play installation, in less than 1 minute
  • Takes virtually no disk space
  • Does not rely on software to function and therefore is not vulnerable to system damage
  • Holds no data on card
  • Instant protection after the installation process
  • Rapid update of protected disk image
  • Auto-Restore Intervals (Every time, daily, weekly, monthly, manually)
  • Exceptionally small, approximately 2" long by 1" wide
  • Invisible to end-user, risk of tampering is negligible
  • Supports all file systems (FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS)
  • Support ATA33/66/100 / SATA disk interface
  • Available in PCI and LAN versions
  • CMOS protection, recovery, and hard disk parameter recovery
  • Can installed anytime by anyone
  • Prevents virus infection and corruption
  • Protects against all software based changes
  • Protects hard drives upto 256 GB (IDE and SCSI interfaces)
  • Support all HDD brands
  • Supports multiple file extensions
  • Automatic recognition of your bootable partition and the moment you go through the installation process the protection begins
  • Supports up to 8 partitions each containing separate software configurations such as different operating systems
  • During start-up, a user may choose a Start-up Partition to boot.
    The user has the option to restore from a saved backup copy of the partition, erasing changes made by the previous user
  • Supports multi-boots and third party multi-boot software
  • Auto/Manual recovery mode selection
  • Administrator password
  • Support IBM 80386 PC and compatible
  • Restores all critical system files along all user preferences, macros and bookmarks
  • FCC/CE approve
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